K-PACS how to's: localize your K-PACS

  • Thanks to the great delphi component INILANG by Fr?d?ric Sigonneau it is very easy to translate K-PACS into your native language.

    1. Rename Custom.ini in K-Pacs mainfolder to the current selected language (e.g. English.ini) and create a copy of this file.
    2. Rename this copy to Custom.ini
    3. Open the new Custom.ini with the windows editor,translate everything you want behind the equal sign and save it.
    4. Start K-PACS and you will find it speaking you language :lol:

    You can do the same with the Custom.ini in the K-Pacs-Server folder. Unfortunately inilang only support ANSI coding, so non ANSI compliant character sets like cyrrilic won't work right now.

    And don't forget to send me your translated inifile, I would be happy to include it in the next installer.


  • I translating now to Bulgarian (Cirilic) - 60% done
    Untill now - only one remark-for studies received from CT Shimadzu, tag(0008,0020) date is entered in windows default short date format.When settings in "regional setings" include specific cirrilic letters insteed of "y",in modify header data window,message "Study Date (0008,0020):wrong format! Please use your current system format(xx.xx.xxxx).This happens even if nothing is changed
    After finish I will send You the file

  • I appreciate the fact that you translated it to general language that almost everyone here can understand. That is much important for us to have a good conversation.

    I'm a newbie here, by the way and I look forward to have good communication with you guys. Thanks and have a good day everyone.

  • If it works at all in Cyrillic, then it will do so only on a native Cyrillic operating system (i.e. Russian, Bulgarian or the Cyrillic variant of Serbian), since K-PACS does not support Unicode language files. But no guarantees.

    My suggestion would be to try iQ-VIEW instead. The current version already has a Russian and a Bulgarian user interface integrated so you can see how that works.