iQ-VIEW 2.7 when?

  • In previous newsletter you said that iQ-VIEW 2.7 is going to be released in 2011

    I wonder if you have a more precise release date and if you can also provide a list of new features and important bug fixes.


  • please, some feedback, please...

    I am a regular licenced user of iQ-VIEW 2.6.0 and I have also paid an extension fee to future upgrade to 2.7.0 that was announced to be released by the end of this year.

    just tell me when you plan to ship the new version... september? october? december?

  • Thanks for these additional informations.
    I hope you guys will spend more time on the discussion board...
    the user-developer feedback could be improved.

    I've bought a 2.6 licence 2 years ago and I paid a 1-year upgrade extension licence in february 2011 looking forward for the forthcoming 2.7 release.
    that extension licence will expire at the end of february 2012. will iqview 2.7 be launched before that date?

  • Yes, iQ-VIEW 2.7.0 will be released this month. But maybe the official newsletter will advertise it first in January.

    The long release period was not intended but we fixed a ton of bugs and implemented huge features, which might not even be visible to endusers. But all this hard work will lead to better/ faster development and support in the future.

    You should contact your vendor early enough to get the process of upgrading your iQ-VIEW version done before your license will expire (uninstalling, getting the new license etc.).

    I will personally have a look at this forum whenever new posts are made. But this is not the intended way of getting support. Your vendor is always the first person that is in charge of supporting your iQ products. You can use our Bug Tracking System to report bugs and feature requests.
    The forum is meant to give users a chance to cummunicate and share information. For example about K-PACS, which is free and thus won't be supported instead of our products.

  • glad to know that 2.7.0 version is near.
    I'm pretty sure that the time I waited for it will be worth it.

    regarding the user-developer feedback I'm not completely agree with you.

    training and "how to" support can be made with local vendors
    but bug reporting and feature requests should be directly sent by the enduser to the developers

    as I told before there hasn't been a lot of feedback on the discussion board
    I will try using Mantis hoping to have better results.

    so I have just moved many of my feature and bug requests from the discussion board to the
    bug tracking system

    thanks for your advice.