Issues related to File Storage

  • Hi

    I wanted to know is there any way to encrypt the stored image files so that if the files are accessed illegally that cannot be abused.

    And secondly, is it possible that after x months , patient study is automatically compressed using any compression tool like Winrar or 7zip to save space. And when user try to retrieve any specific study , it must be retrievable also. These zip files must be password protected if any user try to open them. But if the user query it through conquest the server must bypass or ignore the password restriction form the zip file

    Please guide.


  • Well for encryption you have to use file system encryption but be aware of speed reduction as dicom files are mostly small and if you loos the key...well its gone

    I don't really see a point in encryption. It makes more sense to make the server secure - firewall, AV etc...

  • If i use third party as mentioned in my comments like 7z. Compress all images and also update the dicomimages table, so that server should know about the file location and on query retrieve convertor (please correct me if i am wrong) write a lua script that uncompress the subject file and forward it to the requesting station. Will this approach works???


  • OKie. If i delete all the entries in the dicomimages table and put a single entry of the zip file where it is created. And on Query Retrieve the zip file is uncompressed and forwarded to the requesting station. I think this is possible using lua but extensive knowledge of lua and server workload.