• Hi,

    Me again. With another issue. So I recently switched to another Database, changed my AE Title so my ConQuest could run as a service, all with good result. But I'm having some MAJOR performance issues. Let's explain the situation:

    The need-to-know dicom.ini-settings:

    1. # Configuration of compression for incoming images and archivalDroppedFileCompression = asIncomingCompression = asArchiveCompression = as# Configuration of rules to modify, log or reject incoming DICOM slicesImportConverter0 = ifequal "%u", "EFILM"; stop; ifequal "%V0008,0060","DX"; forward to EFILMImportConverter1 = ifequal "%V0008,0060","MR"; storage MAG1ForwardAssociationLevel = IMAGEForwardCollectDelay = 600MaximumExportRetries = 0MaximumDelayedFetchForwardRetries = 0

    What happens now...
    1. A sync tool drops J390-compressed Dicom-files into a folder
    2. This folder is added to the dicom.ini as an extra watchfolder
    3. Conquest receives and processes the image as follows :

    All goes well, the images arrive at the EFILM-destination (which is called EFilm but is actually an Osirix-PACS) BUT... the [recompress] takes MINUTES to complete... for a simple one-slice X-ray image of, let's say, 650kb.

    I can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong this time. Am I missing something obvious (again)?

    Also: is there ANY way to add a timestamp to the ConQuest debug-logging? Because I can't, for analysis of errors like these, exactly time which step is taking how many seconds exactly...

    Thanks in advance for your help!
    And thanks for a great product!

    Kind regards,

    Jan Geurts

  • Hi Jan,

    the log files do have a timestamp. Not sure what takes so long. Can you capture a debug log when you are just sending one slice? And get it from the file such that the timestamp shows.


    Marcel van Herk is developer of the Conquest DICOM server together with Lambert Zijp.