Watchfolder setup

  • I know incoming is set as the default pickup location.

    how can I setup a watch folder that is outside of the data folder?

    where do you do this? in dicom.ini is it as simple as ?

    # Watch folder location
    WatchFolder = /DATA02/EA_tmp/

    Trying to figure this out so I can maybe do it right the first time. :-)

  • Hello CQ server setup is running fine with nearly 10 years without serious problems, btw. :-) thanks for your superior software...

    Recently I discover the "WatchFolder" option.

    I tested it with a lot of files from burned CDs with dicom data.

    But is there any option to filter/list which extension will be processed during import?

    Like "*.dcm" and files without extension - the rest of other files could be skipped (like .

    Or maybe there is another way to fix this non-necessary job.

    Thanks, regards


  • Hi Bart,

    currently the search command is hardcoded to "*.*" and it skips ., .., and *.partial. Non-dicom files will fail to load. Is the re a particular mechanism you would like to add?


    Marcel van Herk is developer of the Conquest DICOM server together with Lambert Zijp.