need Kpacs program

  • Hello,

    Unfortunately, there are synchronization issues between the download area and the Forum. I sent you the password. This is only a temporary solution. Your Forum-Password will also apply for the Download Area in the future.

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  • Dear all,

    we are sorry for the synchronization issues.

    On the top blue bar you should have a new tab called "Download Center" which will redirect you into the download area.

    If not please reset your password and login again. Afterwards you should see the tab "Download Center". It may be possible that you need to activate your account. Please follow the steps. Afterwards you can simply download K-PACS and other software. Use the navigation box on the left side or the search bar on the top right corner to look up products and/or documentation.

    To download K-PACS go into "Free DICOM Tools" or here:

    K-PACS German

    K-PACS English