• Hello, good afternoon.

    I'm wanting to make a direct access to an image using KPACS.

    The environment is as follows and as an example I present the situation:

    A pc has the kpacs installed, and you want to open an image with Accession Number 1010520053 only by double clicking on the KPACS shortcut you should open this image.

    I have attached two images of how I'm doing it, but when I double click on the shortcut, it opens the program, but with nothing, as if the search by Accession Number did not do it.


  • Such direct calls are possible with our professional diagnostic workstation iQ-VIEW/PRO. You can download the latest version here for a 30-day evaluation period. A description of the possible command line calls can be found in the HIS/RIS call section of the Administration Guide included in the setup.