• I have a DVD with 2407 files of TC BODY: i have only the image without any directory or other kind of files (click here to download)

    The Philps DICOM Viewer is able to read the directory.

    When i run Dicomreader, it read all the files and seems to send them to the PACS, but they don't! And there are no signs of errors in the box of Dicomreader....:/

    The file are named MP000001 to MP002017 with no extension visible (even if i modify the explorer options in windows)...

    What can i do? :huh:

  • I checked just the first of the files you provided and was able to reproduce the issue with DICOMReader 2.1. It seems that the application does not recognize the file as valid DICOM object.

    My recommendation is that you try out our latest version DICOMReader 6.0.1. I successfully transferred your file using our latest installment.