Configuration of DICOM Ports

  • Hi

    Firstly will someone please guide me how can i setup separate DICOM Port for Image Storage and DICOM Query Retrieve in the PACS Server. Currently all the communication is on one defined port.


  • Hello all

    I am testing the iq-view pro on a unit of images that you want to change from efilm to this viewer (iq-view pro).

    The problem that arises is that when I try to consult the studies on remote servers, the list of patients shows up but does not load the images.

    to what is it due ?.

    I have also tried installing servers from scratch on different computers in a network, and to carry out the tests I have imported from the file system different studies in each of the stations, I have configured the remote nodes in each server and when doing the echo tests they give me satisfactory, even when I locate in the database option I select a patient and I transfer it from server A to server BY Everything is perfect, it is in that if I wish to consult the patient that is in server A from server B not it gives me no result,

    My question to what is this?

    NoteI have reviewed all the search filters and they are fine