FileNameSyntax and StudyDate

  • Hi,

    I'm using FileNameSyntax = %modality\%studydate[0,3]\%studydate[4,5]\%studydate[6,7]\%id\.......

    There are some studies (not all) from different devices, that give us a wrong path:

    CT\2019\07\3\.. instead of CT\2019\07\31\..

    DX\2019\06\2\.. instead of DX\2019\06\21\..

    CT\2019\0\\.. instead of CT\2019\07\31\.. and so on.

    I've tried to figure out what is happening and modified FileNameSyntax = %modality\%id\%studydate\....

    Now I'm getting wrong pathes that look like CT\<id>\2019073\.., CT\<id>\20190\.. At the same time i can see correct study date in the dicom headers of that studies (20190731).

    What's wrong with StudyDate in FileNameSyntax?