Use importconverter to append DICOM tag

  • I have a situation where images coming from a GE C-Arm are seen as one series and are not separated into individual series within a study. These are individual vascular runs (maybe 6 or 10) with each run containing 15-20 images within a study. All images are received but are seen as one series. Conquest forwards these to an iQ-WEBX server that keys into the SeriesInstanceUID (0020,000E) to distinguish one series from another. The header shows the SeriesInstanceUID does not change between each run and that what’s causing this problem. In fact, the SeriesInstanceUID is the same as the StudyInstanceUID.

    I’ve found that the InstanceNumber (0020,0013) is unique to each acquisition within each study and I’ve attempted to add the value of this tag as a suffix to the SeriesInstanceUID using an ImportConverter. While I can replace the SeriesInstanceUID with the InstanceNumber, I haven’t figured out how to simply append the value of this tag as a suffix.

    Are there any ideas on how I could accomplish this?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hi,

    I would try

    ImportConverter0 = Data.SeriesInstanceUID = genuid(); Data.InstanceUID = genuid()

    This will create a proper new series and instance, that does not clash with the original image. You need to add an if such that this is only done for the relevant series.

    if --c-arm-- then Data.SeriesInstanceUID = genuid(); Data.InstanceUID = genuid() end


    Marcel van Herk is developer of the Conquest DICOM server together with Lambert Zijp.

  • Excellent. Thank you Marcel.

    After I posted the question I actually discovered the modality is placing the SeriesInstanceUID in (0008,3010) and am writing that value to (0020,000E) on incoming studies. Fortunately that solved it for this situation.