Weasis native installer integration with Conquest

  • Recently was realized Weasis 3.5.3, with the native installer support. How to integrate weasis native installer in Conquest Web server for opening dicom files directly - weasis://? It is necessary because in the future Java Web Start was removed from Java 11 release, and ends of public Java 8 update from April 2019. Thanks a lot Marcel.

    Weasis 3.5.3 native installer



    Changed the title of the thread from “Weasis integration with native installer” to “Weasis native installer integration with Conquest”.
  • Hi,

    the newest weasis starter (in lua) includes an exact copy of the starter code provided by Weasis. You can try to replace that by the new starter code.


  • Basically,

    both links are generated in the lua file. So you can change line 138 to create a normal html page with the proper link (you will need to click it though), and line 139 to change the get: statement.


    Marcel van Herk is developer of the Conquest DICOM server together with Lambert Zijp.