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    After fresh install I got the same:

    The only extra I did:

    make a symlink dgate.exe to dgate64.exe.



    For some reason dgate64 is not present in the root of c:\dicomserver\distribution\

    However, this a 64 bit.

    I'll re-install the whole stuff again and let you know.

    BTW, is there a reason to use \distribution as parent directory?



    In a PHP script running on a W10 64 bit I use the command:

    1. dgate --deleteseries:patid:seriesuid

    Of course with the correct parameters.

    With 1.4.19 I get:

    1. 29-12-2018 11:06:23 [CONQUESTPRAK] Server command sent using DGATE -- option
    2. 29-12-2018 11:06:23 [CONQUESTPRAK] Deleting series from: 000
    3. 29-12-2018 11:06:23 [CONQUESTPRAK] Removing object: [MAG0:000\]
    4. 29-12-2018 11:06:23 [CONQUESTPRAK] ***[NewDeleteFromDB] -FAILED: DDO does not contain correct UIDs

    Then the image seems to be removed on MAG but the database isn't changed so it may be referring to not a not existing instance.

    When I fall back to 1.4.17 and using the same script:

    1. [CONQUESTPRAK] Server command sent using DGATE -- option
    2. [CONQUESTPRAK] Deleting series: 000
    3. [CONQUESTPRAK] Removed file: [MAG0:000\]

    Nothing failed and everything is OK, instance removed on MAG and in DB.


    Tnx Marcel,

    This is clear.

    If needed, a pure C-Store I can do out of the Offis DCMTK tools (storescu).

    BTW, in this toolset I couldn't find a C_Move command.



    In the manual:


    Is this meaning correct?

    src = source

    dst = destination

    p = patid

    st = studyuid

    ser = seruid

    sop = sopuid (SOPInstanc)

    Hi Marcel,

    In MySql the unmodified patient name the special characters are shown as single character. MySql is using UTF8 in all tables.

    The example I gave was only to show the Lua (in combination with Conquest) behaviour with special characters.

    Using pure Lua (Test section) conversion is working fine.

    Maybe you can reproduce this behaviour.


    Hi all,

    Trying to replace special characters such as ü by u I tried the following script:

    The output I get is:

    FYI, I created a "Test" partion in this script to test the script locally.

    What's going wrong here.


    W7 Pro 32B

    Conquest 1419b

    Note: in the Conquest GUI PatientName is displayed correctly in the headers, so with the right accents. Even so in the MySql db.

    My purpose is to create an import converter to replace special characters for PatientName and/or PatientID.


    Hi Marcel,

    I don't think a Java applet is not anymore a very good approach.
    I've once programmed a pretty good Java applet viewer in combination with a PHP based Conquest webserver but finally I gave up 'cause of all the modern browser restrictions.
    I think HTML5/Javascript will do it in the coming.years just like the DHV project.

    At this moment I'm working on a Cornerstone project based viewer which is looking awesome to me in many details.
    This project seems to be in full development.

    But anyhow, the ImagaJ applet was a good one.



    This works for me (example):

    # Export Converters
    ForwardAnnotationLevel = IMAGE
    ForwardAssociationCloseDelay = 5
    ForwardAssociationRefreshDelay = 3600
    ExportConverters = 1
    ExportModality0 = *
    # Create a jpeg image
    ExportConverter0 = /bin/mkdir -p /data/jpeg/"%V0010,0010"/%V0008,0020; /usr/bin/dcmj2pnm +oj +Wi 1 --scale-x-size 1024 %f /data/jpeg/"%V0010,0010"/%V0008,0020/"%V0008,103e"-"%V0020,0011"-"%V0020,0013".jpeg

    Please mind the semicolon in the statement.
    Export converters will be executed at random. A semicolon will force to execute commands one after each other.



    I did (for Windows) something like the following example:

    1. ExportConverter0 = cmd /c mkdir "\dicomserver\data\jpeg\%v0010,0020\%V0010,0010\%V0008,0020" ; dcmj2pnm.exe +oj +Wn --scale-x-size 1024 %f "\data\jpeg\%i\%V0010,0010\%V0008,0020\%V0008,1030-%V0008,103E-%V0020,0011.jpeg"

    You need dcmj2pnm.exe (from the Offis tools) to be resident in the Conquest root.
    My experience is that the Offis tool creates better quality images than the native Conquest command.


    Hi Marcel,

    It seems to be necessary (Debian Wheezy) to have installed:

    After that you can find mysql.h in /usr/include/mysql.

    After installing both compilation goes without problems.



    When trying to compile on a Debiam Wheezy system I get the following:

    chrisje@draakje:~/conquest/conquest-linux-1417/conquestlinux1417$ sudo ./maklinux_mysql
    In file included from dgate.hpp:69:0,
    from vrtosql.cpp:76,
    from total.cpp:105:
    odbci.hpp:119:20: fatal error: mysql.h: Bestand of map bestaat niet
    compilation terminated.
    cp: kan status van ‘dgate’ niet opvragen: Bestand of map bestaat niet

    So compiling fails.
    I met the same on another Debian Wheezy syatem

    Hi Sabine,

    I'm sure that the Drypix on;y prints 14INx17IN.

    However I've seen the log also and changed the format within IQ-View to 11INX14IN (11INX15IN doen't exixt).

    With the same negative result.

    With regard to a support ticket: this is just a trial version to get the customer to buy the IQ-View package.
    That's why I called your support.