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    with dgate --debuglevel:4

    Merci de votre aide.


    1. [CONQUESTSRV1] Archival: 2027 KB will be written for patient: D19032-13-08-14-1[CONQUESTSRV1] Archival: 10331 KB will be written for patient: 28899[CONQUESTSRV1] Archival: 5927 KB will be written for patient: 21692[CONQUESTSRV1] Archival: 10310 KB will be written for patient: 7294-13-08-15-1[CONQUESTSRV1] Archival: total archive amount: 8196628 KB[CONQUESTSRV1] Server command sent using DGATE -- option[CONQUESTSRV1] MoveDataToDevice: *** could not create patient list

    The backup will stop after that last line.

    I did not edit the file dicom.ini :

    1. # Configuration of disk(s) to store images
    2. MAGDeviceThreshhold = 0
    3. MAGDeviceFullThreshHold = 30
    4. IgnoreMAGDeviceThreshold = 0
    5. MAGDevices = 2
    6. MAGDevice0 = F:\VOLUSON\dicom_server\data\
    7. MAGDevice1 = F:\ARCHIVE\
    8. NightlyCleanThreshhold = 0
    9. NightlyMoveThreshhold = 0
    10. NightlyMoveTarget =



    I have a backup that worked well.

    But now I have the following message:
    [CONQUESTSRV1] MoveDataToDevice: *** could not create patient list
    And the backup stops

    Conquest 1.4.17d

    Hello, I have a problem with the SR file export products by SAMSUNG MEDISON
    ------------ Adding image files to server -----------
    [CONQUESTSRV1] ***Implicit_Parse encountered an invalid element length during load of DCM file (in 37312035)
    [CONQUESTSRV1] ***Length = -1291734271
    [CONQUESTSRV1] ***[AddImageFile] C:\Users\godard\Desktop\1.2.410.200001.1.1131.2621433921.2.20150625.1160314576.445.2_0002_000001_14352416890000.v2 -FAILED: Error on Load
    is it possible to ignore this error ?

    ExportConverter : dsr2xml -q (quiet) The dsr2xml export allows me to get a correct XML file.



    dgate.dic :
    (0040,A30A) VERS="4" VR="SQ" VM="1" Keyword="MeasuredValueSequence" Name="Measured Value Sequence"

    Dicom.ini :
    Importconverter0 = Data.(0040,A30A)Sequence[1].item = nil

    the xml file is empty : 0Ko
    What a mistake I do?

    Surprises, the error message disappeared but measures also!
    Sorry, I do not quite understand your post.

    1. xxxSequence[1].yyySequence[1].item = nil

    Or rather, I do not know how to write ...
    Importconverter0 = Data.0040Sequence[1],a30aSequence[1].item = nil

    Sorry, I did not see the previous post . Oops, the patient name ....
    Here the requested file :