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    Marcel, that sounds very promising!

    We have an appointment with our IT PACS team about this issue.

    However, if you are willing to share your sample with me, it will be great help for me for this discussion with IT PACS people. I will be happy to include you on the papers which we want to write out of this database.



    ok, thanks for the reply!

    Anyhow, how to solve that these examinations are over period of ten years, and some are in PACS, but some are in long term archive. I cannot stop hospital servers working.

    Is it possible somehow to access examinations in archives and read just their full headers?

    Pushing one slice per serie would be acceptable option, because then I can use dcmdump utility and strip DICOM headers.

    However, is it doable by some script to pull one slice per serie of one examination automatically for 30,000 examinations?


    Hello folks,

    I would need to do a big data mining.

    To access PACS system based on 30,000 accession numbers, and download DICOM headers for these patients.

    Does anyone have any idea how to do this without downloading the whole DICOM file (which is obviously not feasible based on the numbers of patients)?

    Thank you for any idea!!!