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    First of all thankyou for the wonderful software and support. much appreciated.

    I have tested the 1.1.19d1 and the previous issue of fetching data on workstations is resolved. I have found another one, if the debug is enabled and if a dicom send is performed from the browse database tab, the data is sent but the conquest server hangs and goes into not responding gui.



    I am a novice and just started with this, I have tested this with sample data on server, Kpacs 1.6, 3dslicer and microdicom-2.9.2-x64 workstations, they all query the server and show the list of studies but cannot retrieve where as the same config of workstations for server dicomserver1417d works perfectly.

    the 1.4.19d and using efilm 4.2 workstation has no issues retrieving the studies and displaying them.