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    I have a Conquest Server v 1.4.17c that’s been receiving primarily CR (now DX) studies and routing to two local workstations and an off-site radiologist. It’s been running fine for years with no issues.

    The radiologist is now requesting that when the server receives a Chest exam, that the previous Chest on that patient be autorouted to him as well. This is only required for Chests and not other body parts. The routing to the two local workstations can continue unchanged.

    I’m not sure how prefetch by body part can be accomplished. For instance (in reading the forums) I know it’s possible to prefetch by modality so I imagine it must be possible to prefetch by body part. I’m just not sure how to do it.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


    I have a Conquest Server 1.4.17c that will reject images if a user does any sort of modification to the originally captured image before sending it. Specifically, it's a Carestream CR and if a user forgets to put a lead marker on an image, then electronically modifies the image to put the marker on it, Conquest rejects the image with the following error:

    [CONQUEST] 20170322 07:41:20 ***Implicit_Parse encountered an invalid element length during load of DCM file (in 7fe00010)

    [CONQUEST] 20170322 07:41:20 ***Length = 36723456

    [CONQUEST] 20170322 07:41:20 ***Group Length = 18408844

    ... or sometimes it's the same error but slightly different:

    [CONQUEST] 20170317 13:10:05 ***Implicit_Parse encountered an invalid element length during load of DCM file (in 7fe00010)

    [CONQUEST] 20170317 13:10:05 ***Length = 11744208

    [CONQUEST] 20170317 13:10:05 ***Group Length = 11597612

    I'm not sure what DICOM tag 7fe00010 refers to. Hexadecimal?

    Any help you could provide would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.

    I have a situation where a patient is present in the database but no images exist. Using the GUI I get the message "Image File Not Found" but cannot delete the patient by right-clicking and choosing delete. I'm using Conquest v 1.4.17c with dbaseIII.

    Is there a dgate command that I can issue to delete this patient from the database? If so what would be the syntax? Assuming a Patient ID of 1234, would I navigate to the Conquest directory and issue -- deletepatient:1234 in a command prompt?

    Thank you,

    I have a Conquest server running where it forwards all studies to SERVER1 and SERVER2. Everything runs fine except SERVER1 rejects studies when there is an apostrophe in the patient's name (such as O'Neill) probably due to the Access database SERVER1 uses. SERVER2 has no problems with these studies. If I manually add a second apostrophe to the patients name (O''Neill) SERVER1 accepts the study and it is stored properly with only one apostrophe. Of course, Conquest handles these studies fine.

    My need is to have Conquest store studies with apostrophes unchanged and forward the studies to SERVER2 unchanged, but add a second apostrophe only when forwarding these studies to SERVER1.

    I don't think this should be an ImportConverter since I don't want to modify the study Conquest is storing, I only need to modify it under these circumstances to SERVER1 when an apostrophe is encountered. I've been trying to figure out an ExportConverter that can do this but haven't had success. Is this possible?


    Looking through the dgate commands in the Conquest manual I see modifypatid:patid,file. Could you give me an example of the syntax for this. Does "file" refer to the path to the study as stored on the hard drive?

    Thank you

    I have an issue where some studies imported from CD and sent to Conquest have an additional image of only 2 or 3KB. Conquest forwards all received studies to a web server and the web server chokes on these 2 or 3KB sized images. Conquest has no problem storing them but I would like to have Conquest destroy these images and not store or forward them. The images are usually noted as being XR, CR or XA but have no actual image data with them.

    Is it possible to have Conquest destroy images based on their file size?


    Is it possible to have Conquest route to a possible of 3 destinations based on the first 2 (or 3) characters of a patient ID? Knowing Conquest, it's probably possible. My problem is, I just don't know how to fashion the ExportConverter to accomplish this.

    Thank you!


    I'm wondering if it is possible for Conquest to forward studies to a Workstation on a WAN that is signed up with a Dynamic DNS service. In other words, the DICOM device entry in Conquest would be something like "" rather than a conventional IP address. This ddns entry would resolve to the users current IP but I'm not sure how or if Conquest can accomplish this.

    Thank you


    I realize you can selectively delete certain tags with an ImportConverter (for example using "delete 0011,1016"). But is there a one ImportConverter command that can delete all tags that begin with 0011 rather than having to list each tag as a separate ImportConverter? I've tried several variations and have yet to find one that works.

    thank you,