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    Hi Guys!

    I'm experimenting some SR (structured report) files sent from US machines to conquest.

    Conquest can handle successfully XML file (using dsr2xml utility) and also some dcm files.
    The problem is that some us machines, especially GE such as S8, send biometrical data as a dcm file that can be opened with a text editor like notepad.

    So, how can I get a uniform method to get this data?
    Some use xml, some dmc files, other serial data,......I can't modify behaviour of conquest depending of the machine vendor, there isn't a standard for this???

    let me know, regards and thanks to all!!


    Hi Marcel!

    I'm getting a multiplex error when receiving dicom images from Alpinion Ultrasound Machine...

    this is the log I get.....(debug level 4)
    I cannot upload the images I get from the US, how can I send them to You?

    ok Marcel, for me the best thing to do is:

    - NOT install dgate as service (as it can cause problems, like authentication on win7-8, ecc....)
    - when I start a new study (ultrasound exam) I write dicom.ini as I need
    - start dgate (from a command like a batch)
    - do the examination, after that stop dgate (with a batch o a command)

    this could be safe according to you?
    strange is that conquest hangs at random,yesterday after an entire afternoon without problems. And, I've noticed, especially on GE machines.....

    so, which are the best commands to start and stop dgate in this way?

    ok, no problem for connections because each workstation has its own conquest server, so there aren't multiple incoming connections.

    no, I can't script the storage, because change for each study, I get the full path in a working variable that I pass to dicom.ini.

    Let me know if I can change these parameters and how can I test them


    Hi Marcel, following your hint I'll change values in dicom.ini this way

    1. dgate "--put_param:FileNameSyntax,folder\%studyid\%seriesid\%sopuid.dcm"
    2. dgate --read_ini:

    rather than deleting and creating a new dicom.ini everytime.
    The parameter I should change are:


    and these lines:

    ImportConverters = 5
    ImportConverter0 = ifnotequal "%m","SR";save to Z:\ECOGYN\IMG_ECO\P000001\PT20130910\temp.dcm
    ImportConverter1 = ifequal "%m","SR";save to Z:\ECOGYN\IMG_ECO\P000001\PT20130910\misure.dcm
    ImportConverter2 = ifnotequal "%m","SR";process with dgate.exe "--convert_to_jpg:Z:\ECOGYN\IMG_ECO\P000001\PT20130910\temp.dcm,1024,Z:\ECOGYN\IMG_ECO\P000001\PT20130910\%V0020,0013.jpg,//0
    ImportConverter3 = ifequal "%m","SR";process with C:\DICOM\dsr2xml.exe Z:\ECOGYN\IMG_ECO\P000001\PT20130910\temp.dcm Z:\ECOGYN\IMG_ECO\P000001\PT20130910\misure.xml
    ImportConverter4 = destroy

    do you think that all could be made with the command put_param?
    And, how can I check that the param has the correct value? Now I open the dicom.ini in notepad and see the value....

    Let me know, the problems are increasing especially on GE machines....



    Ok, I understand your explanation, but I have about 12-13 conquest in some medical (private) centers and I'm getting negative feedback only from win7/8 users.

    What do you think about this:

    as I told you, for each new study I delete the existing dicom.ini, write a new one from code with the appropriate path and parameters, then launch dgate --read_ini:

    It seems that dgate --read_ini: is launched (sometimes) before the entire dicom.ini is written.
    If I understand right, the missing dicom.ini file on the hard disk causes conquest to start as a fresh new installation (and sometimes I get the screen with the db type choice)

    If I put a timer, for example to wait 2 secs. before launching dgate --read_ini: I assume the entire dicom.ini is written. What do you think?

    let me know, regards,

    thanks, ciro

    Ok Marcel, after some tests I can confirm that using \\server\myfolder instead of a mapped network drive seems to work.

    It's strange that in another medical centre with same configurations (win7pro client, win2008 server) works with mapped network mistery!?!?!?!

    by the way, conquest is not installed as service (if I click on uninstall, I get the warning message that is not installed as service), and I launch the GUI from the exe file as administrator.

    I use DBF database.

    Regarding, my other problem, I left a reply on the topic "still problems on win7".



    Hi Marcel!

    it does the same with the GUI open.
    consider that on win xp the same works without problem!

    so, give me an hint because I don't know when

    -conquest run as service, I extract the zip into a folder c:\dicom, choose dbf archive type and save configuration. I didn't click on install as NT service.
    When I open the gui I get the error, then server is running.

    I think is not installed as service.

    By the way, If i use the doubleslash for service and gui should work?

    Hi Marcel!

    I join the topic because I'm getting the same problem.

    client with conquest installed in c:\dicom
    server with mapped drive (X:\) on the client to store the images.

    mag0 is something same to X:\images\....

    I get, when the conquest starts, the message "Not enough rights to write in MAG0" even If (from the client) I'm able to write, create new files and delete the existing one (from windows I mean)

    server is win 2008 server, client win7 pro.

    what else I can check?


    same problem, runs fine for three-four studies, sometimes also for two days then it crash.

    last solution: i don't change dinamically dicom.ini, i receive the images in the stardard folder (e.g. c:\conquest\images) then I move them via batch into my application's correct path

    what do you think about?

    how regarding dgate commands to change magdevices?? do you have an example?

    let me know, regards,

    ok, but sometimes it works, If i remember, the printer_files is created automatically by conquest.
    Of course, I can create it too if can solve the problem.

    By the way, i have an ultrasound EMR in which the doctor, in the pc, put the info for a written report. I use conquest to integrate to this report the images from ultrasound machine.

    each examination (or report) as a progressive number that is different from id on ultrasound machine, and each examination has a different folder to store images coming from us machine, ad es.

    exam 123456
    path c:\usimages\123456\1.jpg, 2.jpg,..... (i convert them to jpg with dcm2jpg)

    i thinked of generating dinamically the dicom.ini with updated path when a new examination starts and tell dgate to read ini before sending the image.

    w_path_dicom is a variable that stores the complete path of the examination.

    On win xp I get very small problems, on win 7 many.
    If there's an alternative method, please tell me how to do.... regards,